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2013 has come and gone, but many incidents still touched a sensitive nerve in us, food safety, environmental pollution, energy conservation, etc. plus row still being sustained attention, which gives the industry a wake-up call, also brings opportunities. Entered in 2014, China is increasing its efforts to solve these problems, China's high-end instrumentation market will also face more significant policy opportunities.
During the second five government funding major projects, joint support and encourage the development of scientific instruments, the ministry issued a "second five special research conditions for the development plan." Plan clearly pointed out the need to strengthen the development and application of scientific instruments, specifically the principle of scientific instruments and equipment, including new, new methods and new technologies, cutting-edge scientific equipment, general scientific equipment, dedicated scientific equipment, scientific instruments and supporting key components of the system scientific instruments and equipment (devices) 6 secondary development direction. To ensure that major projects launched, government funding to support the implementation of 863, 973, etc., to promote national key laboratories and research capacity building research institutions, to protect public welfare industry research. Full support to carry out independent research of major scientific equipment. In addition, according to the "major national scientific instruments developed special funds (Trial)" requirement, the annual fund committee arranged 500 million yuan of special funds, the ministry arranged 800 million yuan a year funding. Encourage the purchase of domestic scientific instruments.
January 17, 2010, the State Administration of Taxation, upon consultation with the Ministry of Finance issued the "R & D institutions purchase domestic equipment rebate management approach" (Guo Shui Fa No. 9 [2010], hereinafter referred to as methods) explicitly, the domestic foreign purchases of domestic research institutes or centers equipment, since July 1, 2009 - December 31, 2010 (VAT invoices issued to the time), the implementation of a full refund of the VAT policy. For the foreign research institutions or centers can purchase domestic equipment refunds, China is to encourage scientific research and technology development, the promotion of scientific and technological progress, a new round of concessions in tax policy and make adjustments. 2014 policy of continuous tilt, will be greatly encourage domestic equipment. After the Food and Drug Administration reform is completed, testing equipment procurement is expected to accelerate.
March 26, 2013, the State Council issued the State Food and Drug Administration Sanding program, the former State Council Food Safety Office, SAIC, AQSIQ, the former Food and Drug Administration to immediately start the relevant agencies, personnel, assets transferred , the transition. As of the end of May, the functions of the various departments of Administration, personnel, business process specification basically put in place to begin the formal duties. State basically completed the top-level design and regulatory system leading to straighten for the country at all levels of regulatory reform has laid a solid foundation.