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Growth of third-party testing industry into the fast lane past 2013 development of instrumentation industry, I quickly, but also boost China has become an important part of the trading nations indispensable. 2014, as the world economy gradually improved, China will have more and more instrumentation equipment on the international market arena, and have joined the ranks of international competition.
State-owned testing organizations will significantly reform
Recently held a national quality supervision and inspection work conference revealed a significant state-testing organization will be the message of reform. Conference content is displayed in the new central government vigorously promote functional transformation, decentralization, deepen the reform to make major decisions under the overall situation of the national Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of reform and development of quality made direct demands. AQSIQ inspection certification bodies will promote the idea of bigger and stronger guidance, inspection, testing and certification bodies to achieve integration, scheduled to be completed by 2015, the basic nature of the integration of agencies and institutions, into enterprises basically. Currently, there are some deep-seated contradictions and problems quality system inspection and testing institutions. For example, the purchase of equipment Innovation refinement, do not do cost-benefit analysis, according to incomplete statistics information network equipment, AQSIQ year 2012 a total of 1.2 million yuan purchase of more than 324 sets of equipment, including food safety monitoring capacity building project procurement 158 sets / mass spectrometer device; agency inspection systems are generally reluctant to get out the cause of the wall; addition, presence detection system is not perfect, comprehensive ability is not strong, innovative detection rates, lack of motivation and no competitive issues.
Reform AQSIQ related laboratory is being able to market-oriented institutions, in accordance with the professional group, market-oriented, international inspection agencies to promote the development path of development. By deepening reform to achieve the following objectives: the two institutions, three ways to provide inspection and testing services, there are three trends in the development of inspection and testing institutions. Two types of institutions, including nonprofit organizations and government inspection inspection agency operating community. Three ways, including government departments to establish government laboratories, facilities maintenance and development of measurement techniques to meet the needs of the national economy and government regulation and testing; government inspection agencies to purchase social services to meet the public welfare and testing services; government inspection agencies recognized by the community market behavior. Three trends, one large-scale testing organizations. Second, testing services market. The third is an international testing standards.
According to statistics, the National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine inspection reform and large scale, involving a total of 3,625 technical institutions at all levels, staff 119 884 people, the total assets of 362 million yuan, equipment worth up to 165 million yuan, 653 million laboratory area meters. In 2012, the total AQSIQ Liu Zhuohui workers in China scientific equipment and test techniques Development Forum report revealed that as of the end of 2011, China's various testing agencies have been 25,669. She also revealed that in 2008 total output value of China's quality inspection market of 450 million, of which our 25,669 year-round testing organizations may total 30 billion yuan output value, the average annual output value of each detection mechanism is less than $ 1.2 million.
Growth of third-party testing industry into the fast lane
Event-driven factors, detection industry gradually open space. As should be the relevant government agency or enterprise oversight functions, with a government background detection structure is clearly not fully independent and impartial testing given conclusion, and with a similar succession of events Cangxian exposure of groundwater contamination, the public demand for relevant testing rising, the demand for an independent third party to detect even more rapid growth. We predict that our testing industry market space of about 82.3 billion by 2012 rose to 131.6 billion yuan in 2015, a compound annual growth rate of approximately 17%.
To the Chief of the trend has now, the private market is expected to detect rapid expansion. After joining the WTO, foreign testing organizations and private testing organizations constitute the main independent third-party testing, the state-owned institutions accounted for about 60% detection of all testing market, independent third-party testing accounted for around 40% of all testing market, our government is gradually put Open the supervision of detection market. According to our estimates, the testing organization when transferring state-owned part of the market, the biggest benefit of private testing organizations, each 1% of alienation that can bring 3.77% increments.

Plough, comprehensive layout, the company became the first to market the rapid expansion of the beneficiaries. The company has become China's third-party independent testing industry leader, providing one-stop solution for quality and multi-industry company, is China's largest private comprehensive testing services provider, is expected to help raise investment project roots in the life sciences testing business, by epitaxial acquisitions to expand industrial testing services, expand testing business chain.