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Company Name: Hefei TESTAR Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel :0551 -63,523,052
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Address: Anhui Hefei High-tech Zone Tianzhi Road Genesis Technology Park, Building 1, 16th Floor

Customer Service

We uphold the professional skills and efficient service for the purpose of providing customers with a quick and satisfactory service.
      Service locations throughout the country, to provide caring, quality service quality and efficiency.
Providing customers with a full range of process service needs.
      1, customer first, service first.
      2, commitment, never gone back.
      3, the details of customer service from the start.
      4, careful, careful, enthusiastic, love.
      5, and never do anything to discredit competitors, slander peer behavior, not detrimental to the client's competitors say the words.
      6, to meet customer requirements, customer satisfaction is our work