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Residents in the use of the refrigerator when its performance is always doubt, if we can test the function parameters like the refrigerator, then, in fact, a suitable temperature, some features of the refrigerator can be tested at home.
For example, the test load temperature rise time, which is a refrigerator insulation performance is to examine an important indicator, the main conditions and methods are:
First: the ambient temperature: 25 ℃.
Second: freezer load, the freezer full.
Third: the testing process, the refrigerator, the freezer compartment door is always closed, is not allowed to open the door.
Fourth: Turn off the power, the freezer compartment of the hottest rebounded from a trial pack -9 ℃ -18 ℃ to the time of.
Testing on the cooling capacity also can be achieved,
      First: ambient temperature: 25 ℃, freezer bag to put the prescribed test point, the freezer into the ballast load, and stay out of place frozen load space.
      Second: For single cycle mechanical refrigerator: open heater thermostat adjusted average temperature close to 5 ℃ freezer position (to ensure the freezer temperature is below -18 ℃).
      Third: For double loop computer refrigerator: the freezer temperature is set at -26 ℃, the average temperature in the refrigerator freezer is set close to 5 ℃ position until the refrigerator to reach steady state, open the quick-freeze switch.
      Fourth: After reaching steady state refrigerator, freezer load position previously reserved for loading into the freezer.
      Fifth: Within 24 hours, the refrigerator will freeze frozen load dropped from 25 ℃ -18 ℃ (average temperature refrigeration load M package), while during the test ballast load temperature not higher than -15 ℃, freezer M to open any package to stop the average temperature of not lower than 0 ℃, the end of the test, ballast load M package were lower than -18 ℃.