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Technical Exchanges
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Everything in the world, just run, the loss occurs, the loss would have failed, like people, live in that sport will always get sick and die. We can do is care of yourself, try to fewer sick for instrumentation, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of the occurrence of the fault, the following instruments in the world network of experts to give you to talk about how to prevent failure.
       In the course of instrumentation, the operator were to try to reduce the impact of harmful factors on the instrumentation. As the impact of materials, processes, and human factors such as aging parts, engineering machinery in use is inevitable that there will be a variety of failures. For example, to reduce the impact of mechanical impurities on instruments to reduce the effect of temperature on the instrumentation, instrumentation and reduce exposure to corrosive materials.
In the course of instrumentation, the operator who also ensure the normal workload instrumentation, instrumentation overload can not let the job done, this will increase the working pressure instrumentation, resulting in a variety of failure. Size and nature of the work load on the mechanical engineering mechanical loss process has a significant impact. Generally, as the load increases in proportion to the wear of the parts increases.

I believe we saw more related presentations should know how to do their own, away from the influence of the outside of the instrument, not the instrument work overload is the most basic protection for instrumentation. Also in the work, once the instrumentation glitch, technical personnel who must be treated promptly to avoid over time, after the formation of large failure can not be excluded, so that the whole instrumentation scrapped.