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 In recent years, the control system to improve the level of industrial automation products, making their products increasing market share, develop products such as large-tonnage shaker successful scientific instruments and equipment on behalf of the domestic progress and improvement industry is indicative of the rise of the calorimeter the livelihood instrumentation broad prospects.
      After instrumentation industry restructuring following three areas have been noticed. The first object and the field service adjustment. One is dominated by industrial and technological needs of the industrial, scientific, balanced development of people's needs change; Second, the new project-based technical innovation and new projects to both the adaptation, the majority of technical innovation to market changes; Third, the change in the industrial field in thermal power, metallurgy proportion is too high, the current development of various industrial fields corresponding to the direction of a more balanced adjustment. The second is the growth of new products and high-end products is greater than the general products.
       It is understood that in 2013 instrumentation industry sales growth could reach more than 15% of companies have benefited from the vast majority of new products and the industrialization of high-end products, the corresponding imports of similar products and sales of foreign-funded enterprises in the fall or slowdown. Finally, integration, service business grew faster than manufacturing. A number of energy saving and emission reduction, professional technical innovation, testing services based industry companies are rapidly growing, the fastest growing in the industrial automation industry, has more than a third of its value.

      Many product manufacturers based enterprises, has set up a subsidiary or business unit integration and engineering services business, its operations amounted ranging from 10% to 30% and above, accounting for the total business turnover is also rising in .