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Technical Exchanges
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With the demand for the development of industrial automation, smart instrumentation industry rapid development, but a lot of these internal applications of micro-electrical parts smart instrumentation, but in most of the presence of low dielectric strength, low resistance to surge capacity issues. So mine smart instrumentation, it is very important, especially in the thunderstorm season, so as to avoid significant losses. Smart instrumentation mine, to two ways, including external and internal lightning protection system lightning protection system, mainly by adding lightning protection devices is generally realized.Specific methods can be carried out by lightning.
      1, start grounding lightning protection system to start. Instrumentation cabinet, especially as control cabinets, console, power supply cabinets, the cabinet must be connected together with a flat. Working as 24V power meter and instrument signals the negative side, the computer is connected to the input and output signals etc. To constitute such potential. Intrinsically, the barrier, fence, security, etc. should also consider whether the ground constitutes a reference point when the instrument signal connectivity potential.
      2, can not ignore the power of intelligent instrumentation lightning protection. Smart instrumentation installed surge protection system or surge protector to ensure that the instrument does not exceed the pressure limit. Surge protectors can sense when the lightning storm surge will overload current import earth.
      3, for the smart instrumentation surge signal path is set, not only to ensure the transmission of information is accurate, stable, flexible, and capable of thunderstorms vent let electrical surges to the earth, to ensure the safety signal transmission.
      4, smart instrumentation regular power system grounding bus bar grounding, surge, power grid and other mine inspection and maintenance, and timely replacement