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Advantages of power to the dynamometer and features:
      1, a conventional loading electric eddy current dynamometer, dynamometer hysteresis, magnetic brakes. Eddy Current Load good low-speed performance, low speed can not even load; magnetic brakes can not be used where high speed, and hysteresis dynamometer not suitable for high power situations, and more types of dynamometers require the installation of a cooling water system. The system does not need auxiliary cooling facilities, bring great convenience to use.
    2, a unique all-digital control devices, power dynamometer with electricity - Dynamometer two operations can be run in four quadrants state, both as a generator running, and can make the motor run; either positively loaded, the reverse can also be loaded.
3, when the generator is running dynamometer mechanical energy into electrical energy consumption (feedback network), energy conservation, energy saving effect is very obvious.
    4, fast dynamic response, good control characteristics.
    5, simple structure, good stability, reliability, ease of use and simple maintenance.
    6, constant torque and constant speed control stability unmatched by other loader, it can be the full speed (even at zero rpm) and torque remain within the range of high stability (0.1% -0.3%).
    7, can easily achieve zero torque and zero speed start on the grid to finish really no shock and mechanical soft start.
    8, can be very desirable to complete the induction motor performance tests, including tests, maximum torque and minimum torque MS curve, stall torque test.