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According to the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences in Shanghai this year, some public buildings and residential buildings energy research and statistics, Shanghai has been surveyed more than 16,000 buildings all public buildings and some 40,000 buildings typical residential buildings , electricity 55.6 billion kWh, which is about 3.25 billion kwh air conditioning energy consumption , accounting for 58.5% of building energy consumption . Survey data also show that Shanghai has a lower air-conditioning equipment efficiency of 80% using public buildings and residential buildings , and high energy consumption .

Certification by the state departments and agencies recognized municipal EPRI built the first based on the latest energy efficiency standards for energy-saving air-conditioning equipment performance testing laboratory , which is currently in east China 's first refrigeration , air-conditioning industry testing product range over the full third-party inspection agency . According to the latest " acceptance of energy efficient building construction (GB50411-2007)" provides that prior to the laboratory in the new building completion and acceptance of all kinds , air-conditioning must be 2% of the sampling equipment, testing their compliance with the latest national energy efficiency standards .

EPRI test data from the city to build air-conditioned laboratory showed that under the same cooling or heating effect , the use of high efficiency , low-power air-conditioning equipment than low efficiency, high energy consumption year-round air conditioning equipment can reduce building HVAC energy consumption by 15% -20 %.